Having a child who is in crisis is the most confusing thing we have felt as parents. Lauren helped us make sense of our options and presented us with choices — and reasons for those choices — that allowed us to make the right decision. A year later, our son is in good shape and has developed the skills to stay that way and continue improving.

Lauren helped us when our family faced felt hopeless. When we felt like we were in a hole, she gave us a ladder and helped us climb out. She is calm, intelligent and has great advice about private schools and treatment programs. Her reputation is stellar and she has earned it one child at a time.

Lauren was instrumental in guiding us during one of the most stressful and worrisome times in our lives. She was prompt with her expert advice and gave direction to programs I had no idea about but were the exact right fit for our son’s issues. She walked with us through every step, provided support while he was at his program and follow up and recommendations for specialized aftercare.

Our son is now thriving and our entire family has grown positively from an experience that at first felt like a nightmare. We are now stronger and more connected than I believed was possible. Thank you Lauren and Educational Resources Unlimited!

Educational Resources Unlimited serves families throughout the United States, as well as internationally.