It is hard to believe that we are coming to the end of another year. As I prepare for the holidays with my family, I am filled with so many conflicting feelings. Overwhelmed with gratitude for the work that I’m able to do and the connections that I’ve sustained during these times. Grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals and so many dedicated families. This past year has required a deep sense of trust and hope in equal measures, which has truly kept me present in my work.

Yet, as I reflect honestly on this year as parent, cherishing the time I have had at home with my family, I am also filled with sadness at the loss of so many experiences. I have a new appreciation for multi-tasking as a parent while at the same time meeting professional responsibilities. It takes hard work to keep up the balance. It’s an ongoing process and a constant reminder to be humble and authentic in my relationships. Self-care has never been so important and yet, at times, it becomes a real struggle to keep up.

I have learned so much through these experiences and remain hopeful for the new year as I continue to focus my energy on supporting families while also attending to my own. Mostly I have learned to have radical acceptance and to laugh more at the things I cannot change. Slowing down has never been a strength of mine, so I continue to recognize and appreciate how these past months have forced me to do exactly that. I look forward to the new year and all that it will bring. Please remember you are always welcome to reach out and connect.

                                                          Stay well, Lauren

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