Hospital-based Programs

wilderness therapy
wilderness therapy
There are times when a child or young adult will need to be out of the home for intensive short term treatment. A doctor or therapist will refer him or her for crisis intervention if they are at risk to harm themselves, but once they are stabilized they will need treatment. We can refer to specialized hospital programs that are designed to both diagnose and treat anxiety, personality or mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive behaviors or substance abuse.

Wilderness Programs
A wilderness program is the appropriate intervention for the adolescent or young adult who is stuck in a self-defeating pattern of behavior.

Wilderness programs are designed to offer a “time-out” from the typical ebb and flow of daily life. They make use of the outdoors as a forum for personal growth. When a child no longer has to contend with the stressors of school, a social life, and parents, they often become more receptive to learning that will enable them to emerge from wilderness with new coping skills and self-confidence. 

We focus on the growing number of programs aimed at facilitating self-discovery through directed, therapeutic interaction with nature and a skilled-staff support system.  Defiant, highly introverted, or chemically dependent teens have high success rates at wilderness programs, where they acquire the perspective and accountability that allows them to succeed in the appropriate placements that follow. 


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